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illest Empire

 DJ Twista

The original "illest DJ" and president of the "illest DJ's" coalition. DJ Twista is originally from the streets of New Jersey. He now sows his roots in eastern North Carolina. DJ Twista has been obliterating parties and nightclubs for over 10 years leaving a strong mark on the east coast urban entertainment market. Twista is also known for his body of work as a mixtape patron. Follow DJ Twista on twitter/instagram @djtwistaMMI

DJ FaSho

Meet DJ FaSho. He is a Winston Salem State Univeristy Alum known throughout western North Carolina and the Atlanta, GA market for his "matter of fact" attitute towards DJing. He is responsible for producing large turnouts at many of the area's events while making sure the dancefloor never gets empty. Always focused & hungry, DJ FaSho is always on top of his game. Follow DJ Fasho on twitter/instagram @djfashonc

DJ Beans

Travis Dean was born and raised in Louisburg/Henderson NC. He started dj'ing at the age of 14. DJ Beans gained a reputation from being one of the youngest DJ's to spin in a club. He has been in the game for over 14 years now perfecting his craft and making his mark on the Carolina hip hop scene. DJ Beans represents his favorite musicians on 2fifty2radio.   Follow DJ Beans on twitter/instagram @140beans

DJ Flip

"Welcome to Miami." DJ Flip is our original representative from the sunshine state. DJ Flip has been a significant player in the mixtape scene of the Southeastern US. Also, as with all of our djs, DJ Flip is no stranger to the Club/Party scene . He started dj'ing at the age of 16, serving as an apprentice to DJ Tight, one of South Florida's hottest DJs. DJ Flip gave himself the moniker "the people's champ." Follow DJ Flip on twitter/instagram @djflip305

DJ Clyntel

Dj Clyntel is a unique member of the illest Djs coalition. The 22 year old Wilson, NC native, currently rocks parties throughout Eastern, North Carolina. He is a self-proclaimed "kuntry boy," and has been a DJ since the age of 13. He has always been in love with music & enjoys learning the craft under the advisory of legendary DJs who have established themselves in the game. One of his favorite things about being a DJ is establishing a vibe with his crowds. All ways been in love with music coming up under other DJs Love vibn with the crowd. Follow DJ Clyntel @djclyntel_1024

DJ Complex

DJ Complex got his start in high school when one Christmas his father invested in his future by buying him some belt drive turntables and a Gemini mixer. From there Complex went on to do house parties and school functions. Upon graduating and entering college, he got his feet wet in radio by co-hosting a half hour show on campus called "The Hotness" at Fayetteville State University. While in undergrad Complex did dorm parties and a few campus gigs and got a small taste of the club DJ life. Fast Forward to present day, DJ Complex created and produced The All In Mixshow which started as an internet radio based mixshow. This show opened up new doors by providing opportunities for DJ Complex to step from behind the turntables and in front of a mic and camera and interview artist such as French Montana, Joel Ortiz, Young Chris (Roc a Fella), TALIB Kweli, Smif n Wessun, Eric Roberson, Algebra Blessett, DJ Forge, DJ Skillz, DJ Complete, DJ B-Lord, Chevy Woods and countless more. DJ Complex has also started a new online vlog catered toward the art of DJing to help up and coming DJ's to get in depth knowledge and advice from some of the worlds best to do it. Complex is looking toward the future as he continues to help show a positive angle on the culture of HIP HOP in which he owes so much. Follow on twitter/instagram @djcomplexnc/djcomplex

DJ Blaze Burna

DJ Blaze Burna is a DJ and Producer from North Carolina. Music has played a huge part in DJ Blaze Burna's entire life, dating all the way back to his early childhood. Blaze was a rap artist for most of his teen, to early adult years. During this time, he taught himself everything from recording to producing to graphic design. When he was 15 years old, his uncle, a former DJ, decided to pass all of his DJing equipment down to Blaze and told him to take up his craft. Being that Blaze was already into music it was easy to make the transition into DJing. Blaze Burna attended audio school at Living Arts College which helped refine his skills. Blaze began getting paid gigs early is his DJing career. He began to DJ at local high schools and bars, which later transitioned into clubs around his city. He also started hosting projects and putting out mixtapes online. His name is heard all throughout NC on the radio, in clubs, and socially among party goers. Currently Blaze is looking to travel and expand his sound and career nationwide. Follow on twitter/instagram @blazeburna

DJ Tres

Tresor Joseph also Known as Dj Tres has been Djing for over 10 years. In 2003 after a few years off, he decided to pick it back up in brooklyn. He started moving around djing back yard parties, baby showers & different events around the tri-state. He was recognized by a crew in brooklyn name Reel Rock Ent. He was member of Reel Rock Ent and also a Dj on Reel Rock Ent internet radio. he has Djed alongside some of New Yorks best Djs. In 2010 he moved to Raleigh,NC looking for something different & quickly built a name for himself being the official House Dj for Tgi Fridays for over 3 years and counting, He's a member of Build Ya Brand Djs, Geek Squad & Riddim Cast Music(a crew he started with his brothers in NY & his Homeland St Vincent). He has been able to maintain Dj kids every week and continues to build his brand as one of NC elite Djs on the rise. Follow on twitter/instagram @IamDjTres

DJ Echo

Adam DeForge aka DJ Echo started in the world of DJing in 2004 as
apart of The Impulse Radio station is Lyndonville,VT where he attended
college. He was on the radio for 3 years. Being apart of the station he
started working/developing "underground" artists that were in Vermont.
In 04 he team up with Hecklerhouse Entertainment and dropped his first
mixtape VT On Lock which was a compilation of the Best of the Best
Vermont HipHop artists. In 2008 he moved to Carolina and started
working with an "underground" artist LiL Rae. He started to develop his
sound and they teamed up with Hecklerhouse Entertainment and dropped Echo's
first Carolina project "Carolina's Unwritten Agenda." Since then he
has been working steadly with Rae to master his sound and they dropped
a Norway/Carolina project with Dnyal Andre from Oslo Norway. Also
teamed up with Elus and DruTheMonster to drop and all original mixtape
called Elements of Hip Hop FIRE. As a DJ his love is to promote/develop
great artists that deserve to be heard. Since that project he has
dropped Best of the Best Underground R&B (another compilation
mixtape), The Hangover Mixtape (Party jams),Hollywood Lights with Esco
from Pulse 102.5 102.3, Mixtape Radio with Wade Banner from K97.5 and
Esco. In 2013 he became a part of the worldwide Fleet DJS. He is currently working on an all original LP called U.N.I.T.Y. that he will team up with the best of the best in the Carolinas to create all original music. The single W.D.M.D. just dropped FT Ricco Barrino, Bettie Grind, Sequence, Fletcher and Big Mike (Day 26). Follow on twitter/instagram @djecho11


DJ,  Producer,  and  Instructor;  “DJ  Saxy”,  born  Katherine  Grant  is  a  hot   female  DJ  from  the  south.  Born  and  raised  in  Atlanta,  Georgia,  Saxy  grew   up  in  a  musical  family.  She  spent  many  of  her  summers  as  a  child  in   Dekalb,  Mississippi  with  her  grandparents  who  taught  her  at  a  young   age  what  ‘real’  music  was,  such  as  jazz  and  original  soul.  Every  summer   Saxy  sat  on  the  porch  with  her  grandpa  and  his  guitar  and  it  built  her   love  for  music  even  more.  At  the  young  age  of  six,  Saxy  dealt  with  the   separation  of  parents  by  learning  how  to  play  her  first  instrument,  the   violin.  After  a  move  to  Tupelo,  Mississippi  and  being  inspired  by  her   stepfather's  favorite  song,  “Grazing  In  The  Grass”,  by  Hugh  Masakela,   she  then  picked  up  the  saxophone.  Her  musical  abilities  grew  as  she   discovered  her  natural  talents  in  music.  Naturally  Saxy  began  to  mix   music  with  her  CD’s  and  wanted  to  try  to  be  a  DJ  just  like  her  father,   Jarvis  "DB"  Grant  and  with  a  little  taste  of  his  help,  Saxy  found  her   natural  ability  to  become  a  turntablest.  To  date,  Saxy  is  known  as  the   hottest  female  DJ  in  the  Mississippi  Delta,  with  clients  growing   everyday.  Saxy  practices  and  researches  to  make  sure  she  stays  on  top   of  things,  so  when  it  comes  mixing,  she  amazes  crowds  and  keeps  the   party  ‘jumping’.  Saxy  is  currently  a  mobile  DJ,  meaning  she  travels  to   events  and  shows  all  over  the  state  and  southern  region.  Saxy  also   works  as  an  open  format  DJ,  she  plays  genres  of  all  types  and  can   perform  for  any  audience.  She  is  a  Coast2Coast  DJ  and  upcoming   Carnival  Cruise  Line  DJ.  She  has  worked  on  mix  tapes  for  various  artists   around  the  south.  Saxy  has  also  generated  her  own  “street”  mix  tape   series  entitled  Trap  Vs.  Swagg;  This  young  talented  DJ  has  a  ear  for   music  and  the  ability  to  please  any  crowd. Follow on twitter/instagram @djsaxy/@dj_saxy


The newest member of illest DJs goes by the name of "DJ NSEW", which stands for "North, South, East, West," because he plays music from all four corners of the world. DJ NSEW is Brooklyn-born, & Queens-raised. He's a military trained veteran, serving 11 years in the Marines, partly in wartime conditions. Ever since he was a very young man, he's had a passion for music, & decided to put his love for music into vinyl committing his talents to become a dedicated DJ.Working at "Crobar" in NYC left a deep impression on him, he says, "it gave me an opportunity to meet and work with an amazing mix of legendary DJs, including Tiesto, Paul Okenfold, Danny Teaglia, Deep Dish and Boris". "Crobar" separated musical categories into different rooms, so it influenced DJ NSEW to cover music from all four corners of the world, which leading to the creation of his moniker. His self proclaimed goal is "to give the people all the music they love to hear, from everywhere."He's served as resident DJ at numerous NYC spots including, The "World Bar" in Trump World Towers, "Bar 515", & "The Stellans" to name a few. He's appeared on a couple internet radio stations like "AListRadio", and "UrbanLatino Radio" while entertaining crowds for RawArtist.org/NewYork, "Midnight Blue Restaruant and Lounge" in the Upper East Side of NYC, & "Tropic Bar & Lounge" in Queens. Currently, he's the official DJ for "Benefits & Clinque Cosmetics"(Macy's, Bloomingdale's).DJ NSEW loves music, health, & life.... His motto is to live authentically and savor each moment of our journey. When we arrive at our destination, another journey begins. Follow on twitter/instagram @djnsew